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The newest addition...

Let me introduce to you the newest member of the Bethel Steele musical family:

This is Agnes, a 1956 Gretsch New Yorker archtop, named after my mother who was born the same year that this guit-fiddle was produced in Brooklyn, NY. I found this lovely instrument in East Nashville, TN during my tour with Jeremiah Birnbaum this past November... we had three days to spend in Nash-vegas, and we spent most of our time in the Five Points area of East Nashville, where we had some BBQ, tasted delicious coffee at Bongo Java, drooled over cute boots at Hello Boys and played nearly every beautiful instrument at Fanny's House of Music, where I fell madly in love with the Gretsch-baby. (P.S. if you're ever in the East Nashville area and you are a musician or have a musician in your life OR you just like vintage clothing - because they have that! - I'd totally encourage you to stop by Fanny's! I'm not even joking, it's one of the most inviting musical instrument stores that I've ever walked into.)

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