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I'm incredibly pleased and excited to officially announce my new EP!! *drum roll* Welcome Shadows and Light - a 6-song studio record recorded at Fox Run Studio (where I'll be having a CD release in a few weeks) Neale Eckstein at the helm. I've been working on various projects with Neale for the last 3 years and I couldn't be happier to continue working with him on this project. Shadows and Light will be officially released in May.

I've been working on this project since July. I created a mantra - if only for myself: take your time. When I started working on it I promised myself I would make this record at my own pace: I wasn't allowed to stress myself out about a timeline or a due date or any nonsense like that, and hark! She's nearly finished! There are just a couple more items on the docket before I can officially say the record is finished: 1) mastering (the part where all the sounds get polished) and 2) duplication (where she's pressed into plastic numerous times and slipped into a pretty, pretty jacket (see above). Shadows and Light features some of my favorite human beings: Tom Bianchi (local music man bass player extraordinaire), Charlie Rose (who is one heck of a musician and also my banjo teacher), Adam Michael Rothberg (another local hero and total rockstar), Pat Wictor (of the trio Brother Sun, slide guitar king and someone I'm stoked to call a friend), Corey Schreppel (who played the drummy things in Minnesota and then sent them to us over the magic of the internet) and Jagoda (who co-produced Of Love and Whiskey made a cameo appearance playing his shuitar). On the EP, I played a bunch of instruments - everything from distorted electric guitar to banjo to floor toms - AND I even sang background vocals. (I can hardly even believe that I get to put that into writing.) I can tell you that I felt more comfortable than ever in the studio. Maybe that's because this is the third project I've worked with Neale on. Maybe it's due to the intent behind the recording process, too. I had to repeat the mantra: take your time. When we were nearing the end of the recording, this was the hardest part. I wanted to be finished! I wanted to share the music with YOU! But we weren't done yet. I had to send the record off to friends so they could listen and give feedback, too. I wanted this EP to be truly and honestly, without a doubt the best recording I've ever made. I think I've succeeded. I hope you'll decide for yourself, though.

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