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Happy 2016, friends!

Happy 2016, friends!

Scene change. The new year enters to center stage. Ready... Set... HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL!

I've nearly settled in Fort Collins, Colorado and I'm still learning to find balance in this place. It is a lovely small(er than Boston) town with outdoor space just a short walk away. Most of the boxes from moving are unpacked and my house is starting to feel like a home. I'm meeting incredible songwriters and music lovers, finding a reinspired daily musical practice and am quickly falling for this place and its music scene.

I've got new regional dates up on the Tour Dates page and will be back in New England in June. If you'd like to stay updated with what I'm up to, you can sign up to receive my monthly newsletters (if you don't already receive them) and if you're interested in procuring some new music for yourself or for a friend, you can head on over to the Store!

I hope the new year is bringing you joy (or has it in store for you) and that whatever adventure you embark on during this season is fruitful!

Hugs (or handshakes if hugs aren't your jam),


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